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Checklist | What to Look for When Buying Medicinal Mushrooms

Not all medicinal mushroom extracts are created equally. There are a variety of factors that can affect an extract’s potency from the cultivation conditions through to the extraction process. As you can probably tell our obsession with medicinal mushrooms runs deep and in this journal entry, we reveal a checklist of the things that you should look out for to ensure you're getting the best quality medicinal mushroom extracts available. And you can rest assured we've got you covered, Inner Atlas mushies tick all of the boxes.
Inner Atlas Medicinal Mushrooms

The Best Ways to Use Medicinal Mushrooms

How best to use medicinal mushrooms can be a little confusing, we hear you! As food substances, medicinal mushrooms are incredibly versatile and can be incorporated into endless recipes. In this journal entry, we delve into different ways to enjoy your mushies and experience their elevating health benefits.

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Beta-D-Glucans | Why They Are So Important When It Comes to Medicinal Mushrooms

When we started on the journey of sourcing medicinal mushrooms, we had certain criteria we were looking for. A high level of beta-D-glucans was crucial for us. Why? Beta-D-glucans are what makes a medicinal mushroom medicinal. Through our sourcing and testing we're able to guarantee that our mushies are primed to provide the benefits they’re intended to. 
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How to Make Your Inner Atlas Adaptogenic Blend

We’ve created our blends to offer a simple and delicious way to enjoy the benefits of medicinal mushrooms and guide you to the best time of day to do so. Here's a run-down on our 3 adaptogenic blends, Dawn, Day, and Dusk, and how to make the perfect cup.