Reishi Meditation

Nourisher of the Spirit ~ Reishi and its Benefits for Meditation

It’s world meditation day on the 20th of May making it the perfect time to dive into Reishi and her benefits for meditation. Reishi’s ability to guide the body to a peaceful state of balance is second to none. Read on to discover why we turn to Reishi to support our meditation practice and we've also included a link to a deeply relaxing guided Yoga Nidra meditation recording for you to enjoy.  
Whole Mushrooms vs extract powders

Medicinal Mushroom Extracts vs Whole Powders

Have you come across whole ground medicinal mushrooms and wondered how they differ from extracts? Whole ground medicinal mushrooms or non-extracted medicinal mushrooms may seem like a great choice, but the reality is they have no bioavailable ingredients at all, and in this journal entry we'll break down why.
Turkey Tail Mushroom for Immune Support | Turkey Tail Mushroom Australia

Medicinal Mushrooms for Immune Health

For thousands of years, medicinal mushrooms have been used across ancient cultures for their healing and regenerative properties helping to boost immune defences. Today, due to increasing scientific validation, medicinal mushrooms are becoming popular tools for the modern immune support arsenal. Read on to discover how they work to support our inner defences and our top immune supporting mushrooms. 
Health Hot Cross Buns | Medicinal Mushrooms

Healthy Hot Cross Buns with Chaga


Easter is approaching and we’ve had fun whipping up our gluten and grain-free take on hot cross buns with a dash of Chaga. Chaga adds a dose of antioxidants to the recipe and its warm flavour works in synergy with the cinnamon and orange. 


Medicinal Mushrooms For the Morning

The Best Time of Day to Take Different Medicinal Mushrooms

Each medicinal mushroom has its own qualities and healing benefits which give us clues as to the best time of day to enjoy them. By being mindful of this we’re able to flow with the natural arc or rhythm of the day, supported by a mushie that we might be working with at times when it’s best suited to do so. Read on as we dive into which mushies we most enjoy in the morning versus the evening to make the most of their individual properties.
Inner Atlas Adaptogenic Day Blend with Medicinal Mushrooms

A Deep Dive into Nootropics

Key to our longevity, healthy brain function opens the door to our highest potential mentally and physically and this desire for optimal performance has seen the popularity of nootropics rise to new heights. In this article we dive into the world of natural nootropics and our two brain-boosting shrooms Lion's Mane and Tremella.
The Benefits of Reishi and Lion’s Mane Mushrooms for Sleep

The Benefits of Reishi and Lion’s Mane Mushrooms for Sleep

We like to think of sleep as overnight therapy for body and mind, yet restful sleep doesn't always come easy. In this journal entry we dive into two of the main causes of sleep disruption and how working with Reishi and Lion's Mane can help support your passage to peaceful sleep. 
Inner Atlas Lion's Mane Medicinal Mushroom

Lion’s Mane & Brain Fog

The hazy cloud of brain fog can often descend at the most inopportune times, with feelings of mental fatigue, slow and muddied thoughts, lack of motivation and creativity all proving telltale signs of this temporary or lasting state of diminished cognitive function. In this journal entry we dive into Lion's Mane's neuroprotective benefits and its value as a tool to help manage brain fog.
Valentine's Day Cordyceps and Raspberry Jelly Hearts

Cordyceps & Raspberry Jelly Hearts

The day of love, Valentine’s Day, approaches. While we don’t need an excuse to celebrate this universally uniting force, there’s no greater heart opener than practising self-love or getting up close and personal with the person you hold dear.

One of our favourite healthy treats is whipping up some jellies spiked with mushies and these juicy raspberry and Cordyceps hearts deliver big Valentine’s Day vibes.

Cordyceps Mushroom Libido

Cordyceps and Sexual Energy

Libido is sometimes a topic that we shy away from talking about, or even contemplating within ourselves when the desire for intimacy might be low. Our desire can take a major hit when we’re subjected to stress, with the body placing emphasis on survival rather than procreation and pleasure. Sexual energy is an expression of our overall energy reserves and a reflection of a state of balance and inner vitality. This powerful, life-creating energy is something to be expressed and harnessed.

To nourish the free flow of energy we look to Cordyceps which is not only famed for cellular energy production but has long been linked to supporting libido.

Inner Atlas Dawn Blend with Medicinal Mushrooms

Quitting Coffee and Medicinal Mushroom Alternatives

Few things awaken the senses more than a bold cup of coffee. However, the focus and feel-good effects derived from coffee is borrowed energy and in a sense is a debt that the body repays. In this journal entry we dive into the negative effects of regular coffee consumption, what you can expect if you decide to take a break from coffee, and our favourite medicinal mushroom coffee alternatives.