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Reishi Mushroom | Why We Love Reishi for Stress, Sleep & Meditation

In this Journal Entry:

  • Inner Atlas Reishi and its Spiritual Home.
  • Reishi and Stress Support
  • How to Enjoy Reishi for Meditation and Deep Sleep
  • 5-Minute Reishi Meditation

The 'mushroom of immortality' and nourisher of the spirit, Reishi mushroom is revered for its ability to support a sense of calm while at the same time strengthen immunity and support the body's innate ability to handle stress. 

Reishi - Revitalises Body & Mind

This earthy, antioxidant-rich mushroom benefits many of the vital systems in the body with a focus on the lungs, heart, liver, immune system, and nervous system which makes reishi a great place to start if you're new to medicinal mushrooms or tonic herbs.

Inner Atlas Reishi

Reishi has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for at least two thousand years with the original textbook of traditional Chinese medicine, The Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing written by 'The Divine Farmer' Shen Nong, ranking reishi mushroom as a Superior Herb, highest among the 365 healing plants and fungi.

We're proud to source our Inner Atlas Reishi from Jinzhai County, a Di Tao location which was recorded in The Divine Farmer's Materia Medica. Di Tao is the traditional Daoist practice of sourcing tonic herbs from their spiritual homeland or authentic place of origin. Our medicinal mushroom extracts are all sourced from pristine and remote Di Tao growing regions, where the individual mushrooms have been traditionally grown and are considered to produce the most potent mushrooms of that particular type. Plus, our Inner Atlas Reishi has a 20:1 extraction meaning 20 kg of mushrooms create 1kg of reishi powder, and contains greater than 30% beta-D-glucans (the active compounds) resulting in a more potent extract than many of the medicinal mushrooms you might find out there.

Reishi - Nourisher of the Spirit

Reishi's botanical name Ganoderma Lucidum has Greek and Latin roots, gano meaning shinning, derma translating to skin, and lucidum meaning luminous. In the wild reishi grows in the shade yet has a strong connection to light and shining, and in the Daoist tradition is thought to allow the spirit to shine forth. 

Reishi & Stress Support

One of the main reasons we love reishi is its ability to guide the body to a peaceful state of balance. Most Daoists and monks refer to reishi as a Shen tonic, which loosely translates to a herb that nourishes the spirit.

The adaptogenic beta-D-glucans and triterpenes in reishi work to relax the nervous system and ease mental stress. This is how reishi can help calm the mind and promote a relaxed state of focus similar to a meditative state. This benefit has long been valued by spiritual seekers, meditators, yogis, and those looking to help manage the stressors of everyday life. Additionally, adding reishi to your night-time routine can help promote peaceful sleep.

How to Enjoy Reishi Before Sleep

Reishi can be enjoyed straight up with ¼ teaspoon added to a small cup of warm water with a dash of honey or maple syrup to taste. Or to enhance the relaxing benefits and help support a deep sleep add ¼ tsp of Inner Atlas Reishi to a cup of chamomile or tulsi tea before bed.

5-minute Reishi Meditation

To prepare yourself for a peaceful sleep, try this 5-minute relaxing meditation.

Create a quiet, comfortable, darkened space, and enjoy your cup of Inner Atlas Reishi.

  • Notice any parts of your body that are holding tension. Take a moment to stretch and let go of anything that may be causing you discomfort.
  • Come to rest in a comfortable position whether that be seated or lying on the floor.
  • Begin to take some slow deep breaths. In through the nose letting the breath fill your belly, then your chest. Gently release from the mouth.
  • Observe the thoughts that enter your mind. Let them rise and pass through the breath, knowing they don't hold relevance right now, you can come back to them tomorrow if need be.
  • Continue this process until the thoughts slow and ease.
  • As you breathe, draw in a warm, relaxing light and let it fill your body, from the tips of your toes to the crown of your head.
  • Finally, move your internal gaze to your mind space. Notice the quiet that rests there.
  • Continue to take slow, gentle breaths with your awareness in your mind space.
  • When you are ready to come out take a moment to place your hands over your heart and let it fill with one thing you are grateful for.
  • Take this renewed and relaxed state with you as you prepare for a relaxing sleep.

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