Why We Use Tremella to Nourish Our Fascia

We’ve noticed a little more computer time and a little less movement creeping into our work-days of late and as a result not feeling as limber and fresh in the body as we usually do. We’ve been reaching for Tremella to help nourish our joints and connective tissue and we thought we’d dive into this beautiful medicinal mushroom and the benefits it has for our fascia.

What is fascia?

Our fascia is one of the largest organs in the body, yes it’s an organ, and can be described as our connective tissue. Fascia is a complex mesh-like structure sort of like a spider’s web with a vast network of interwoven connections that surrounds our organs and muscles holding them in place. Made of collagen fibres, well-lubricated fascia moves in a gliding motion across our internal parts, allowing them to slide easily with movement. If there’s a fascial restriction in one area it can tug on the surrounding connective tissue restricting movement in other areas of the body[1].

What causes tight fascia?

Our fascia can get stuck or frozen from repetitive movement or conversely from inactivity like sitting at a computer for too long – hello working from home! Tight adhesions can form between fascial surfaces that aren’t regularly moved, and over time these adhesions can become thickened further impairing movement and causing discomfort. Other conditions that can affect the health of our fascia are stress, inflammation, trauma, sub-optimal nutrition and dehydration.

Why we use Tremella to nourish our connective tissue 

This translucent, almost white mushroom with its jelly-like frills is exquisite to behold and even more exquisite to taste with its softly sweet-malty flavour. It’s best known as a longevity and beauty mushroom considered to slow the natural signs of ageing, supporting a glowing complexion and enhancing skin hydration. But Tremella’s benefits don’t just run skin-deep.

Tremella Fuciformis is a supremely hydrating shroom that is thought to bring deep lubrication to our connective tissue and fascia. Tremella has also been shown to act in the same way as hyaluronic acid, often referred to in beauty circles as the 'molecule of youth'. Like hyaluronic acid, Tremella mushroom draws and holds moisture through the layers of our skin and our connective tissue.  

Hyaluronic acid is present in every tissue in the body, and is responsible for lubricating our muscles, organs, connective tissue and support our skin’s elasticity. However, as we age our levels of naturally produced hyaluronic acid decline. Studies have demonstrated that Tremella not only acts in a similar way to hyaluronic acid but can also support its production[2].

Another interesting note, a 2016 study [3] demonstrated Tremella’s moisture retention capacity to actually be greater than hyaluronic acid. What gives Tremella the edge over hyaluronic acid? Tremella’s particle sizes are smaller than those of hyaluronic acid, giving Tremella the ability to hold 5 times more water and allowing it to penetrate our connective tissue more easily.

Other ways to nourish our fascia

Tremella can indeed go a long way to bring deep lubrication and hydration to our fascia but will always work best with a holistic approach. Other methods that can help nourish our fascia are hydrating with water, and stretching, yoga, massage and the Traditional Chinese Medicine practice of cupping, all of which help to lengthen and release our connective tissue allowing it to be more easily hydrated.

Inner Atlas Tremella

Have we mentioned how delicious Tremella is? With a sweet, malty flavour Tremella is a great place to start if you’re new to medicinal mushrooms as it just tastes so heavenly!

  • Highly potent, containing greater than 30% beta-D-glucans.
  • Certified USDA & EU Organic.
  • Fruiting body only – 100% real mushrooms with no added fillers or mycelium.
  • Semi-wild cultivated and wood-grown.
  • Sourced from pristine di tao locations.
  • Lab-tested for purity. 

And you’re interested in reading more about Tremella’s incredible benefits head to our recent journal entry Tremella The Beauty Shroom.






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