Inner Atlas Medicinal Mushrooms for Skin Health

Medicinal Mushrooms and the Real Benefits for Skin Health

We love the use of medicinal mushrooms as a way to nourish beauty and skin health from the inside out through supporting the body’s stress response and bringing it back to balance by nourishing the central nervous system, boosting antioxidants to protect against free radical damage, and lowering inflammation. 

We've delved into our top 3 medicinal mushrooms for radiant, healthy skin - Tremella, Chaga and Reishi.

Inner Atlas Medicinal Mushroom Reishi Brownies Recipe | medicinal mushrooms | reishi mushroom | chaga mushroom | turkey tail mushroom | lions mane australia

Dreamy Chocolate Hazelnut Reishi Brownies

Is there anything more heavenly than the smell of brownies baking? Our favourite after-dark treat, these dreamy grain-free brownies spiked with queen reishi will have you slipping into zen-mode in no time.