Recipe for Lion's Mane medicinal mushroom morning elixir being prepared in a vegetable garden

Recipe ~ Morning Spring Elixir with Lion’s Mane

In the Southern Hemisphere, we've made the transition to spring and it's the time of year when we begin to shed the stagnation of winter and get the opportunity to tap into the energy of rebirth and rapid expansion that comes with this new season.


Expanding into the Potential of Spring with Lion’s Mane

One of the medicinal mushrooms we love working with at this time of year is Lion’s Mane. Just as nature awakens from its winter slumber, Lion's Mane emerges as a potent ally to invigorate body and mind. Affectionately referred to as ‘the smart shroom’ Lion’s Mane has the potential to light up our cognitive function, nourish the neurons in the brain and work toward a state of better mental focus, mood, and motivation so we can really make the most of the expansive energy of the new season, to ideate, plan, and bring about focused action on desires and goals.

Lion’s Mane made headlines earlier this year with a new study carried out by researchers from the University of Queensland finding that this potent mushroom has the potential to boost nerve growth in the brain and improve memory[1]. This affirms Lion’s Mane’s status as a natural nootropic, which are described as substances or compounds that enhance cognitive function, including memory, focus, creativity and mental performance in healthy individuals.


Morning Spring Elixir Recipe

During spring we also start to work with lighter, more cleansing foods and this is one of our favourite morning tonics to hydrate, support digestion and cool down inflammation. 

  • Lion’s Mane boosts cognitive function, supports digestive health and immunity.
  • Turmeric is a strong antioxidant with liver detoxifying and anti-inflammatory effects. 
  • Ginger stimulates digestion and aids in the proper absorption of nutrients from food.
  • Lemon is highly alkalising and nourishes the body with its high vitamin and mineral content.
  • Cayenne Pepper boosts the metabolism and provides inflammation support.
  • Salt can help ease cortisol production and keep adrenal function steady throughout the day.



1 L filtered water

1 tsp of turmeric powder

1 small thumb of ginger, peeled and diced

½ lemon

½ tsp Inner Atlas Lion’s Mane extract

Pinch cayenne pepper

Pinch sea salt



Add filtered water to a large mason jar. Squeeze in the juice of the lemon half. Add in turmeric powder, diced ginger, Lion's Mane extract, cayenne pepper and sea salt. Fasten the lid on the jar and shake vigorously to combine all ingredients.

Pour into a tall glass and enjoy.


Serves 2


Inner Atlas Lion’s Mane

We’ve worked hard to deliver what we believe are the most potent medicinal mushroom extracts available. Mushrooms you can really feel. Our Lion’s Mane extract is quite a concentrated dose with a 10:1 extract, meaning 10 kg of raw Lion’s Mane mushroom is dual extracted to produce 1 kg of powder.


Our Lion’s Mane medicinal mushroom is also:

  • Semi-wild crafted, grown in natural environmental conditions on hardwood, from where it absorbs all of its beneficial compounds.
  • Certified USDA & EU Organic.
  • Grown Di Tao – sourced from the pristine and remote Gutian County growing region in China. 
  • Fruiting body only – 100% real mushrooms with no added fillers or mycelium.
  • Lab-tested for purity.
  • Highly potent, containing greater than 30% beta-D-glucans which we independently test for.






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