Reishi medicinal mushroom powder, a golden spoon and a tea cup to make a Reishi tonic tea

Recipe ~ Reishi Mushroom and Honey Tonic Tea

We like to think of Reishi as a portal to peace, and this Reishi mushroom and honey tonic tea provides the recipe to create a gentle state of calm.


Reishi Mushroom:

Reishi has been treasured for centuries for its ability to nourish a state of homeostasis. The beauty of Reishi is that as a prized adaptogen it has the capacity to support the body’s resistance to stress, guiding body, mind, and spirit towards a harmonised state of balance.

In our fast-paced modern world Reishi is most commonly used for stress relief and sleep support. Studies have demonstrated Reishi mushroom’s potential to support states of deep sleep and lessen experiences of insomnia[1].

We love creating a tea with our Reishi mushroom extract powder in order to experience this heavenly mushroom in an unadulterated form. While we often enjoy working with Reishi in the evening to wind down before bed, it can also be used in the morning or throughout the day to bring about a steady state of calm, allowing us to move through any challenges that arise with greater ease.



Nature’s sweet nectar, honey, dances in harmony with Reishi complementing its earthy flavour profile. Honey doesn't just add exquisite flavour; it's a natural source of vitality. Packed with antioxidants, essential nutrients and anti-inflammatory properties, honey lends a comforting touch to your cup.

 Reishi Mushroom Tea

Reishi Mushroom Tea with Honey

Reishi Mushroom and Honey Tonic Tea Recipe



½ tsp Inner Atlas Reishi extract

Organic honey as desired

Boiled water



Pop the kettle on and add boiled water to your mug.

Stir in Inner Atlas Reishi mushroom extract powder until fully dissolved.

Stir in honey as desired.

Sip mindfully and drift into a steady state of calm.


Our Inner Atlas Reishi Mushroom Extract:

At Inner Atlas we work really hard to source what we believe are the most pure and potent medicinal mushrooms available.

We do things a little differently to many other brands on the market as our mushies are grown on log wood, the type of trees that you’d find these mushrooms growing on in the wild. This what the mushrooms feed on and allows them to produce their active compounds in abundance, like the all important beta-d-glucans. What’s more we lab test each and every batch of our mushrooms to ensure beta-d-glucan levels of greater than 30%.

Our current batch of Reishi has 37.6% beta-d-glucans and if you're ever wondering about the beta-d-glucan level of your Inner Atlas mushroom extract drop us a note at .


  • Semi-wild crafted, grown on hardwood in natural environmental conditions.
  • Certified USDA & EU Organic.
  • Grown Di Tao – sourced from the pristine and remote Jinzhai County, Anhui, China.
  • Fruiting body only – 100% real mushrooms with no added fillers or mycelium.
  • Lab-tested for purity.
  • Highly potent, containing greater than 30% beta-D-glucans(the active compounds).





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