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Cacao and Medicinal Mushrooms, A Match Made in Heaven

Cacao and Medicinal Mushrooms, A Match Made in Heaven

Both cacao and medicinal mushrooms boast rich histories of use, each revered in their own right for their unique qualities for mind, body and spirit. Their harmonious relationship is something that has been explored throughout ancient history and the reverence surrounding cacao and mushrooms endures today. Read on to discover more about the origins of cacao and it's divine relationship with mushrooms.
Inner Atlas Dusk Blend Cacao and Reishi Mushroom being poured into a glass

Dusk Blend ~ A Calming Nightcap

Dusk Blend is our cup of calm helping to relax the mind and body and gently ease us into the evening. Dusk is a delicious blend of rich Peruvian cacao and sumptuous Australian Native Davidson Plum, infused with adaptogenic Reishi mushroom and the highest quality all-natural ingredients.

Read on as we dive into Dusk Blend and its benefits for not only relaxation but whole-body radiance and immunity.