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Immunity Bundle | Reishi & Turkey Tail

When temperatures descend Reishi and Turkey Tail are the two mainstays in our immune-support arsenal which is why we wanted to offer them as a special Immunity Bundle, providing you the opportunity to save and stock up on these two powerhouses.

The seasonal changes reflect the movement between Yin and Yang energies. In winter Yang energy internalises while Yin dominates. With Yang emanating from your core, the cold temperatures prompt a time to focus inward, nourishing your internal strength.

Winter is the perfect time to reflect on our health and double down on practices that fortify our internal resilience and vitality. Our immune system is our first line of defence against pathogens and rogue cells. With the change of the seasons, it more important than ever to keep our immune system healthy and look to ways to prevent catching a cold or speed up recovery time. 

Our immune system is comprised of a complex array of systems that intuitively communicate with each other to keep us in good health. On a broad scale, our immune system can be thought of as having two parts, innate and adaptive immunity. Innate immunity is the first responder acting quickly and non-specifically to general threats. On the other hand, adaptive immunity has a slower response time and needs to be activated. Adaptive immunity uses immunological memory to assess and learn about the invading pathogen and deploy an even stronger response.

For thousands of years, medicinal mushrooms have been used across ancient cultures for their healing and regenerative properties helping to boost immune defences. In more recent times medicinal mushrooms have been shown to enhance both innate and adaptive immunity with Reishi mushroom and Turkey Tail mushroom being two of the most widely used shrooms for bolstering our inner resilience. Medicinal mushrooms aren't a one-stop solution, but when we want to boost our immune system, they are great tools to have on your side. 

Reishi Mushroom | Immune Health Support

Reishi is regarded as a prized immune-supporting mushroom. Reishi’s beta-d-glucans are thought to stimulate and balance the immune cells in the case of a weakened immune system. Regarded as one of the best adaptogenic herbs, if the immune system is excessive, (like allergies or autoimmune conditions) Reishi can also have a bi-direction effect, working to bring this excess closer to a state of balance.

Research suggests that the beta-d-glucans in Reishi mushroom can help to boost the immune system by up-regulating the production of lymphocytes, T-killer cells, and macrophages[1].

Turkey Tail Mushroom | Immune Health Support

The beta-d-glucans and triterpenes found in Turkey Tail provide its immunomodulating potential, activating and inhibiting certain types of immune cells. Particularly the compounds polysaccharide peptide (PSP) and polysaccharide krestin (PSK) have been widely studied for their immune support capacity[2]. What’s incredible about PSK and PSP is their ability to regenerate white blood cells, and stimulate the creation of macrophages and natural killer (NK) cells, which are all essential for enabling the immune system to ward off pathogens and fight infection when they strike. Combined, these active compounds in Turkey Tail mushroom are thought to help elevate the immune response and work to regulate and support overall immune system health.

How to enjoy Reishi & Turkey Tail

Our preferred way of enjoying Reishi mushroom and Turkey Tail mushroom is straight up with a ¼ teaspoon of either extract added to a warm cup of water to make a tonic tea. This allows you to not only experience the flavour and the qualities of the individual mushrooms but allows you access to the benefits in an unadulterated form. 

For more ways to enjoy medicinal mushrooms head over to our recent blog post The Best Ways to Use Medicinal Mushrooms.

Immunity Bundle | Reishi & Turkey Tail

For a limited time save and enjoy the immune-supporting benefits of our Reishi and Turkey Tail Bundle. 

We’ve worked hard to deliver what we believe are the most potent and pure medicinal mushrooms available in Australia. Our extracts, including Reishi and Turkey Tail, contain mushroom fruiting body only. We don't include any mycelium, which is the root system of the mushroom. The fruiting body contains the highest level of beneficial compounds which is why we opt to use this component only so you can be sure you're getting 100% real mushrooms. What's more, we are one of the few companies that test our mushies for beta-D-glucans with the Megazyme testing method. Beta-d-glucans are largely responsible for making a medicinal mushroom, medicinal. As a result of our testing, we can guarantee that our Turkey Tail extract contains greater than 30% beta-D-glucans so you can be confident your mushies are active and potent.

Our Inner Atlas Reishi and Turkey Tail are:

  • Highly potent, containing greater than 30% beta-D-glucans.
  • Certified USDA & EU Organic.
  • Fruiting body only – 100% real mushrooms with no added fillers or mycelium.
  • Semi-wild cultivated and wood-grown.
  • Sourced from pristine di tao locations.
  • Lab-tested for purity.

Naturally Boosting Your Immune System

Reishi and Turkey Tail are indeed amazing and can go a long way to support a strong immune defence but will work best with a self-care game that’s on point. Wherever you can be sure to nourish yourself with whole foods and a balanced diet, stay warm, exercise, hydrate and get some sleep.






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