Moving with the Seasons ~ A Guide to Thrive in Summer

Moving with the Seasons ~ A Guide to Thrive in Summer

It’s that time of year when everything seems to be happening all at once. Where the energy and heat rise, celebrations and commitments are aplenty and we immerse ourselves in all that the festive season has to offer.

Dive into some of the practices and mushies we work with a this time of year to keep the ship steady!

Tremella Mushroom in a Tremella tea with goji berry and jujube

Recipe ~ Tremella Medicinal Mushroom Beauty Tea with Goji & Jujube

Affectionately known as the beauty shroom, Tremella has been used traditionally for thousands of years as a youth-protecting tonic, slowing the natural signs of ageing. 

With its softly sweet, malty flavour, Tremella forms the perfect base for this warming winter tea along with added goji berry and jujube.

Read on for the recipe that you can whip up in minutes.

Whole Tremella Medicinal Mushroom and Tremella extract powder on a wooden spoon

The Beauty Secrets of Tremella Mushroom

Tremella mushroom has created a buzz in beauty circles in recent years yet its fame as the beauty mushroom didn’t arrive overnight. Tremella comes to us from a long tradition of use in ancient China as the secret to a youthful complexion amongst noblewomen who sought to nourish their beauty.

In this Journal entry, we explore how Tremella first became somewhat of an ancient beauty legend and delve into its modern uses for promoting skin health and radiance.

Woman's hand holding an orange flower in autumn

Moving with the Seasons ~ A Guide to Thrive in Autumn

Autumn is a time of reduction, the drawing inward of energy, with nature prompting us to release and let go of what is no longer necessary fortifying our bodies and minds for Winter.

Fallen leaves and fruit return to the earth and aligning ourselves with this sense of returning to source acts as our guide when we think about supporting our physical, emotional, and spiritual harmony throughout Autumn in order to thrive.

We hope some of the practices in this guide help you to find your own rhythm and drop into a sense of coherence with nature and her cycles. 

Recipe ~ Chocolate, Raspberry and Rose Jelly Hearts with Cordyceps and Tremella

Recipe ~ Chocolate, Raspberry and Rose Jelly Hearts with Cordyceps and Tremella

The day of love, Valentine's Day is almost upon us. There is no force in the world more uplifting than that of love, and while we don’t need an excuse to celebrate this universally uniting force there’s no greater heart opener than practising self-love or getting up close and personal with the person or people you hold dear.

These chocolate, rose and raspberry hearts spiked with Cordyceps and Tremella is one of our favourite lust-worthy treats.

Medicinal Mushrooms Reishi, Cordyceps, Tremella, Turkey Tail, Chaga, Lion's Mane

Which Medicinal Mushroom is Best for Me?

Unsure which mushie is best for you? We hear you! We get asked this question a lot.

Navigating which medicinal mushroom extract you should go with can be a little confusing. Questions often arise like can I mix mushrooms? What’s the best time of day to take them? How do I take them?

Don’t sweat it. We’re here to help.

Tremella Medicinal Mushroom Extract Lemon Juice Recipe

Recipe ~ Tremella & Aloe Lemonade Glow Tonic

This is one levelled-up lemonade set to have you sparkling from the inside out. Known as the ‘beauty shroom’, Tremella is the star of this tonic considered to support a glowing complexion and enhance hydration and is combined here with a refreshing mix of lemon, aloe vera juice and mint. Enjoy!

Medicinal Mushrooms for Beauty ~ Inside & Out

Medicinal Mushrooms for Beauty ~ Inside & Out

Looking at the notion of beauty through the lens of whole-body health, medicinal mushrooms are an obvious ally. Not only are they powerful in their role as adaptogens helping to calm the nervous system, one of the key factors in maintaining internal balance, but specific medicinal mushrooms have the ability to hydrate the skin, protect against free radical damage and lower inflammation. Read on as we dive into our top 3 mushies for inner and outer radiance.
Lemon Basil Hazelnut Cake with Turkey Tail and Tremella

Recipe ~ Lemon, Basil, Hazelnut Loaf with Turkey Tail, & Tremella Maple Glaze

Making the most of the end-of-season lemons from my Dad’s tree and young spring basil, it seemed like the perfect time to share this recipe with you. We’re having a moment with Turkey Tail mushroom and have added it into the base, but any medicinal mushroom extract would work well with this recipe blending with the tartness of the lemon, freshness of the basil and rich base of hazelnut.
Tremella Mushroom Benefits  | Medicinal Mushrooms Organic Cordyceps & Turkey Tail

Tremella The Beauty Shroom

This translucent, almost white mushroom goes by many names, including snow mushroom, silver ear mushroom and in more recent times referred to as the beauty shroom, with good reason. Brimming with antioxidants Tremella mushroom helps to slow the natural signs of ageing, considered to support a glo...

Why We Use Tremella to Nourish Our Fascia

We’ve noticed a little more computer time and a little less movement creeping into our work-days of late and as a result not feeling as limber and fresh in the body as we usually do. We’ve been reaching for Tremella to help nourish our joints and connective tissue and we thought we’d dive into this beautiful medicinal mushroom and the benefits it has for our fascia.
Inner Atlas Day Blend Tahini and Dates

Dreamy Day Blend & Tahini Latte Recipe

Day Dreams! This recipe delivers a super creamy way to enjoy the brain boosting benefits of your Day Blend without milk. The richness comes from the combination of Day Blend and tahini, with added dates for a touch of sweetness.

Read on for the recipe.