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Healthy Doughnut Balls with Lion’s Mane & Tremella

Brain-boosting, cinnamon ‘sugar’ doughnut balls for a super Sunday easy bake. Do we have your attention? :) This keto, gluten-free recipe hits the sweet spot with an almond flour base, healthy fats and brain supporting maca, Lion’s Mane and Tremella. Read on for the full recipe.
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Top Medicinal Mushrooms for Brain Health – Memory, Mood & Focus

A high functioning brain allows us to experience life in a greater state of flow; less mental blocks and distracting thoughts, and more creativity, focus, and sharp memory recall. 

In this journal entry we’re diving into our top medicinal mushrooms for brain health, Lion’s Mane and Tremella. Lion’s Mane and Tremella, in their own way, both resemble the form of a brain – which is pretty awesome. Is nature giving us a clue here?!

Tremella Mushroom, Hemp Seed, Strawberry Smoothie | Medicinal Mushrooms

Strawberry, Tremella & Hemp Skin Support Smoothie

This plant-based smoothie recipe delivers creamy strawberry milkshake vibes with a bunch of benefits for your skin helping to enhance hydration and promote a soft, supple complexion with its range of antioxidants and omega 3 fatty acids. 
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Medicinal Mushrooms and the Real Benefits for Skin Health

We love the use of medicinal mushrooms as a way to nourish beauty and skin health from the inside out through supporting the body’s stress response and bringing it back to balance by nourishing the central nervous system, boosting antioxidants to protect against free radical damage, and lowering inflammation. 

We've delved into our top 3 medicinal mushrooms for radiant, healthy skin - Tremella, Chaga and Reishi.