Cordyceps Medicinal Mushroom

Cordyceps for Energy Support

As a supreme energy potentiating adaptogen Cordyceps is one of those shrooms that always in demand amongst our team at Inner Atlas. Traditionally, Cordyceps has been revered for its ability to restore foundational energy after times of physical exertion and fatigue. In more recent times, research has revealed the mechanism for Cordyceps' capacity to enhance energy levels which we uncover in this journal entry. 
Inner Atlas Day Adaptogenic Blend with Lion's Mane and Tremella Medicinal Mushrooms

Day Blend for Focus and Mental Performance

Day Blend was crafted to offer support during the height of your day, staying sharp, focused and in a state flow, providing an alternative for those times when you might be reaching for a second coffee. It’s a blend of smooth Peruvian maca and Madagascan bourbon vanilla bean, deliciously infused with adaptogenic Lion’s Mane and Tremella mushrooms, Australian Native Kakadu Plum, and the highest quality all-natural, organic ingredients. 

Read on as we dive into Day Blend, its ingredients, benefits and all importantly what it tastes like.


Why We Use Tremella to Nourish Our Fascia

We’ve noticed a little more computer time and a little less movement creeping into our work-days of late and as a result not feeling as limber and fresh in the body as we usually do. We’ve been reaching for Tremella to help nourish our joints and connective tissue and we thought we’d dive into this beautiful medicinal mushroom and the benefits it has for our fascia.
Chaga Medicinal Mushroom Tea

Chaga Tea ~ A Healer Throughout the Ages

Visually it’s hard to tell the difference between a long black coffee and a Chaga tea. With its deep, robust flavour and energy-enhancing potential, Chaga can be a great coffee substitute if you’re looking to take a break from caffeine and the crash that often comes with it.

Read on as we dive into how to make the perfect cup of Chaga tea ( it's really easy ), what it tastes like, and the history of this healing brew.

Inner Atlas Dusk Blend Cacao and Reishi Mushroom being poured into a glass

Dusk Blend ~ A Calming Nightcap

Dusk Blend is our cup of calm helping to relax the mind and body and gently ease us into the evening. Dusk is a delicious blend of rich Peruvian cacao and sumptuous Australian Native Davidson Plum, infused with adaptogenic Reishi mushroom and the highest quality all-natural ingredients.

Read on as we dive into Dusk Blend and its benefits for not only relaxation but whole-body radiance and immunity.  

Inner Atlas Day Blend Tahini and Dates

Dreamy Day Blend & Tahini Latte Recipe

Day Dreams! This recipe delivers a super creamy way to enjoy the brain boosting benefits of your Day Blend without milk. The richness comes from the combination of Day Blend and tahini, with added dates for a touch of sweetness.

Read on for the recipe. 

Runner Cordyceps Mushroom Athletic Performance | Medicinal Mushrooms

Cordyceps and its History with Olympic Athletes

Cordyceps medicinal mushroom, known for its ability to increase energy and athletic output has a legacy with Olympic athletes, being the catalyst for this medicinal mushroom’s splash into the mainstream spotlight in the 90’s. Read on to discover how this has translated into Cordyceps being coveted by today's athletes and active individuals looking to elevate their performance.
Medicinal Mushroom Lingo | Medicinal Mushrooms | Adaptogens

Medicinal Mushroom Lingo – The Top Terms You Need to Know

Navigating the world of medicinal mushrooms and the lingo that comes with it can be a little confusing. From physiological responses to the biology of the mushrooms themselves, it can seem like a whole new world, and in some ways it is as herbal tradition and science continue to meet allowing us to discover more about the fascinating capabilities of medicinal mushrooms and the benefits they hold for us. Here are the top terms to add to your mushie vocabulary.
Chaga on a birch tree | Medicinal Mushrooms | Adaptogens

Chaga, One of the Richest Sources of Antioxidants in the World

Wild Siberian Chaga is not only thought to be the most adaptogenic substance on earth, it’s also one of the single richest sources of antioxidants found in nature, vastly outweighing other popular superfoods like acai berry and blueberries. Read on as we dive into the benefits Chaga and its antioxidants possess in combatting fatigue, chronic illness, pain and the visible signs of ageing. 
Relaxed Girl Field of Flowers | Medicinal Mushrooms | Reishi Mushrooms

Top Medicinal Mushrooms for Anxiety & Stress

When feelings of stress and anxiety linger and sometimes become chronic, it can feel like we’re stuck in a loop, just soldiering on, where stress breeds more stress, and it can be hard to pull away. Sound familiar? We’ve been there too.

Adaptogens can support the body and its general resistance to stress whether that be physical, emotional, environmental, or chemical by helping to balance the functions of vital systems such as the nervous and immune systems. 

Read on as we dive into the top 3 medicinal mushrooms we reach for when stress and anxiety take hold.