Inner Atlas Lion's Mane Medicinal Mushroom

Lion’s Mane & Brain Fog

The hazy cloud of brain fog can often descend at the most inopportune times, with feelings of mental fatigue, slow and muddied thoughts, lack of motivation and creativity all proving telltale signs of this temporary or lasting state of diminished cognitive function. In this journal entry we dive into Lion's Mane's neuroprotective benefits and its value as a tool to help manage brain fog.
Valentine's Day Cordyceps and Raspberry Jelly Hearts

Cordyceps & Raspberry Jelly Hearts

The day of love, Valentine’s Day, approaches. While we don’t need an excuse to celebrate this universally uniting force, there’s no greater heart opener than practising self-love or getting up close and personal with the person you hold dear.

One of our favourite healthy treats is whipping up some jellies spiked with mushies and these juicy raspberry and Cordyceps hearts deliver big Valentine’s Day vibes.

Cordyceps Mushroom Libido

Cordyceps and Sexual Energy

Libido is sometimes a topic that we shy away from talking about, or even contemplating within ourselves when the desire for intimacy might be low. Our desire can take a major hit when we’re subjected to stress, with the body placing emphasis on survival rather than procreation and pleasure. Sexual energy is an expression of our overall energy reserves and a reflection of a state of balance and inner vitality. This powerful, life-creating energy is something to be expressed and harnessed.

To nourish the free flow of energy we look to Cordyceps which is not only famed for cellular energy production but has long been linked to supporting libido.

Inner Atlas Dawn Blend with Medicinal Mushrooms

Quitting Coffee and Medicinal Mushroom Alternatives

Few things awaken the senses more than a bold cup of coffee. However, the focus and feel-good effects derived from coffee is borrowed energy and in a sense is a debt that the body repays. In this journal entry we dive into the negative effects of regular coffee consumption, what you can expect if you decide to take a break from coffee, and our favourite medicinal mushroom coffee alternatives.
Cordyceps, a Natural Pre-Workout Energy Booster

Cordyceps, a Natural Pre-Workout Energy Booster

Cordyceps has a legacy with individuals looking to elevate their athletic performance. This super shroom is known for naturally boosting physical energy production and performance, and reducing fatigue, allowing you to get more out of your workout session. Lace up your kicks as we dive into Cordyceps' incredible energy-enhancing potential, the research that validates this, and how to integrate this mushie into your pre-workout routine.
Adaptogens, Natural Remedies for Managing Stress

Adaptogens, Natural Remedies for Managing Stress

Adaptogens are natural remedies for stress that couldn’t be better suited to modern times. Helping the body restore balance and adapt to stress, adaptogens move us closer to a state of equilibrium to help harmonise mind, body and spirit. Many medicinal mushrooms are adaptogens and this is one of the reasons we love them so much! Read on to discover how adaptogens work and the benefits you might notice when working with them. 
Medicinal Mushrooms for Energy  | Adaptogens | Reishi Mushrooms

Medicinal Mushrooms for Energy Support

Energy is the currency of life and something many of us wish we had more of. Low energy can feel like you’re battling through life with a weighted vest. 

Conversely when we are primed with energy and have internal reserves to draw from, we are given the opportunity to make the most of every day moving from one task to the next with a sense of vigour and focus.

Many medicinal mushrooms are prized adaptogens and can be utilised to help balance the body and promote our own production of energy. In this journal entry we dive into our top 3 medicinal mushrooms for energy support. 

Reishi Medicinal Mushroom

Reishi Mushroom For Stress Relief

We often get asked about the best mushroom for sleep support and stress relief, and our answer is first and foremost Reishi. Reishi receives a great deal of attention for its superior calming qualities, and it’s noted as the ultimate herb for stress management with good reason.

Read on to discover how working with Reishi can help cultivate a state of steady calm. 

Mango Reishi Tart

Steady Spirit Mango Tart

This heavenly mango tart infused with Inner Atlas Reishi is just one of the recipes from our recent collaboration with Jessica Johnsson, health coach and plant-based culinary chef. It’s really easy to make and we cant wait to recreate it to share with our family and friends this festive season.
What is a Mushroom Tonic?

What is a Mushroom Tonic?

In the wellness world 'mushroom tonics' have evolved to refer to any tea, potion, latte or brew that has mushrooms at its heart. In this journal entry we'll uncover the different types of mushroom tonics and how you can create your own!